Crypto Social Media Rewards for January 2020.

Crypto Social Media Rewards for January 2020.

Since 2016, when I first had the opportunity to join the Steem community I have been steadfast in my opinion that the number one driver of cryptocurrency adoption will be the crypto social media platforms. Steemit was just the first Dapp to allow us to earn cryptocurrency with our social media content. In 2020 we have a tsunami of social media platforms popping up and this is a signal to me that cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption is accelerating.

In this article and video, I show you the results of four platforms that I currently use. If you want to sign up for the platforms, here are some links to get you started.

Steemit - The Godfather of Decentralized Crypto Social Media. 

LBRY- Decentralized Video and Image Sharing Platform.

Uptrennd - Social Media Platform with a Cryptocurrency for Rewards.

Appics - An Instagram Like Platform Built on Top of The Steem Blockchain.


What I Did To Accomplish This.

Social media is what I do and I take it seriously. I spend about six hours per day posting and engaging on social media. My New Years resolution for January 2020, was to make a new video every day of 2020. Sounds cray cray I know, but when you understand what can happen when the cryptocurrency market heats up you will understand my urgency.

Let’s take LBRY for example. It’s coin LBC hit $1.22 at the peak of the crypto market in late 2017. If LBC can return to that value my work in January of 2020 could be worth $3416. That is what gets me out of bed and at my computer every day and working my tail off online.

What is Happening in 2020? 

This year is full of amazing things happening in Crypto Social Media. Recently Bittube.TV launched. The platform is spectacular and started using it daily in the last few weeks. Also, the long-anticipated Voice is launching on February 14th. There are a few more platforms I am excited about but I will keep them close to the chest for now. 

Remember that this is social media. The keyword is social. So sign up for the platforms, follow me, let me know in a comment and I will follow you back!

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