Polkadot’s Next Parachain from MXC Will Power Smart Cities

Polkadot’s Next Parachain from MXC Will Power Smart Cities

The next project to be granted a coveted Polkadot parachain has been revealed as MXC Foundation, the Berlin-based blockchain project focused on building smart cities. It’s a fittingly futuristic candidate to be granted the right to run a parachain on the crypto network that’s ushering in a wave of web3 innovation.

MXC Awarded Parachain Permission

Parachains – interoperable sidechains that connect to the main Polkadot network – are hot property. Polkadot doesn’t award them to just any project; rather it endeavors to assign them to blockchain projects that align with its own values and goals, and that have use cases with truly transformative potential. That being so, MXC is a fitting candidate for Polkadot, with the startup seeking to transmit data efficiently over long distances.

MXC’s architects believe that IoT will in the future simply be ‘I’. That is to say, the “things” in Internet of Things will eventually comprise the internet itself, as the number of smart devices outnumbers the (smart) humans accessing the web by a factor of hundreds and then thousands to one. MXC is convinced that the internet will be dominated by IoT, and has set about creating a tokenized ecosystem that can make use of these capabilities.

Intelligently Building Smarter Cities

Smart cities describe urban areas that have been engineered to optimize the synergy between humans, nature, public transportation, the energy grid, and travel patterns. In an ideal smart city, for example, a citizen may drive their electric car to work, or pool with a colleague, and upon arrival charge the vehicle, powered by solar cells installed in the roof of the premises. Any excess energy generated by the panels can be sold back to the national grid, or provisioned to local tenants for profit.

Although the big picture of a smart city is easy to envision, turning that dream into a reality will require granular precision. Specifically, an ability to join up the various ecosystems that will power a futuristic urban environment. Blockchain technology has been widely acknowledged as the most suitable database for storing and transmitting data to and from IoT devices, and a number of projects have sprung up seeking to harness its capabilities.

The Quest to IoT Everything

MXC, which features a native token of the same name, has gained a crucial advantage in its bid to become the best qualified blockchain for smart city adoption thanks to its Polkadot integration. In addition to having serious money and talent thrown at it, Polkadot is acclaimed for its interoperability – that is, its ability to connect disparate networks and ecosystems. This feeds into the goal of smart cities in which driverless cars can communicate with sensors in the asphalt they pass over, and everything from lamp posts to sidewalks is IoT-enabled.

MXC has been granted the candidacy for the 2021 parachain slot, bringing its goal of supporting smart cities closer to reality. If the future of data is multi-chain and multi-city, MXC is now primely positioned to turn this vision into reality.

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