PocMon is on its way to becoming the #1 Gaming NFT Ecosystem

PocMon is on its way to becoming the #1 Gaming NFT Ecosystem

NFT’s, for sure, are revolutionizing the way gamers think about online gaming. With the global gaming industry clocking in upsurged growth, it is automatically paving the way for adopting novel technologies. Blockchain technology in gaming, driven by NFTs, is unique, rare, and indivisible. The Non-Fungible tokens facilitate ownership, interoperability, and immutability driving mainstream adoption and an equitable value model.

PocMon ($PMON) is a radical meme-based, decentralized community project in Binance Smart Chain. The project has been inspired by Pocket Monsters, designed to give maximum power to PocMon trainers. The project is driven by community needs, and the evolution of PocMon can be divided into three segments.

PocDEX is dedicated to developing and implementing PocMon decentralized services such as Marketplace, PocMon Lootballs, and Auctions.

NFT gaming ecosystem - The central ‘to-go' principle of the platform is to make the Gaming NFT ecosystem synonymous with PocMon. The ecosystem has some promising ventures coming up that include the NFT trading card game, BSC Blockchain Games NFT store, PocGame Swap, and much more.

Community development - The third stage of evolution is related to PocMon trainer’s community development. It also aims to tackle significant issues of today with PocMon Merch game launch, charity, etc.

How does it work?

The PocMon platform boasts a unique deflationary mechanism that works in three directions: Automatic LP acquisition, Reflection, and Burn. The transaction is being taxed a 10% fee, out of which 5% is redistributed to all the existing holders. Half of the remaining 5% is exchanged to BNB and paired with $PMON.

The automatic Liquidity Pool ensures a solid price floor. Passive rewards also motivate the holders not to sell their coins to achieve the highest level of earnings. The manual burn process also has been made transparent, starting with the team’s tokens burn before the launch.

PocMon NFT marketplace

Still, in its beta version, PocMon provides the team and community contract to support NFT creatives. It aims to be the #1 platform for trade and exchange of gaming NFTs on BSC. The marketplace will boast massive growth, considering the popularity of blockchain games. PocMon also ensures an easy-to-follow, more minor complex UI for conducting auctions. The artists and designers selected from the PocMon trainer’s community will be invited to release their first PocMon branded NTFs and NFT game cards.

The PocMon NFT marketplace will also be the first marketplace that will have the buyback function implemented. This will be a boon to creators who will be assured of their royalties. They will receive a particular percentage on each sale of the NFT. By making it less complex and easy to adapt to the marketplace interface, operational costs associated are lesser, making it cheaper than any other NFT marketplace for minting NFTs. PocMon already has a vast repository of credible artists on its platform and has amassed a large following to the tune of 5 million. The Growth prospects are enormous, and PocMon NFT Marketplace will be a pioneering effort to take this forward.

NFT Gaming ecosystem

PocMon’s NFT trading Game will be a boon to the gaming industry because it will attract many. Blockchain gaming is an attractive proposition because it is different from traditional games that exist centralized. The game assets represented by NFTs are interoperable across environments. With the PocMon NFT gaming ecosystem, NFTs will become more appealing and intuitive to mainstream consumers who could be less technically oriented.

Other offerings

Blockchain Games Store - One of the core benefits of gaming on the blockchain is the ability to exchange in-game assets without any intermediary.PocMon aims to become the exclusive partner of distribution for blockchain game developers on a broader note.

PocMon Merch - The to-be-launched store will unite PocMon trainers no matter how decentralized the community is.

PocMon mobile game - This forms a part of their well-thought-out strategy. The PocMon branded mobile game will have a $PMON wallet connected. The wallet, in turn, is connected because it helps fetch a variety of in-game earnings and enables quick $PMON withdrawals.


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