Digital cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and CoinFantasy can help you get the most of them.

Digital cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and CoinFantasy can help you get the most of them.

Digital currencies have become dominant in the investment sector, and the underlying blockchain technology has found use cases in many industries. 

CoinFantasy has developed a new innovative, and fun way to reap the benefits of cryptocurrencies and help users grow their digital portfolios. The gamified launchpad utilizes the much-feared volatility of the market to allow the players to earn rewards by correctly predicting the future outcome at a particular time. 

How can you get the most out of CoinFantasy?

CoinFantasy is a multi-chain decentralized fantasy gaming platform developed for crypto-financial markets using NFTs. Anyone can become a part of the platform and create their own prize-pool based game and invite players to participate in it. CoinFantasy rewards the players who win the game under the pre-defined criteria, and the organizer simultaneously benefits from it. With its latest partnerships with firms by the likes of Biconomy, CoinFantasy aims to make its platform accessible and easier to use for all its users.  

One of the most exciting features of CoinFantasy is that it offers several cryptocurrencies that a participant can choose from and diversify their portfolios, providing the easiest and the most fun way to expand earnings. 

Use Cases

CoinFantasy has found an interesting real-life use case where it can tap into the volatility of a cryptocurrency to make a fortune. Take Bitcoin, for example; game participants can study the recent growth graph to predict its future. If the player correctly predicts the outcome, they will receive handsome rewards in the form of their preferred token. 

Experts of the crypto world can predict the outcome of a cryptocurrency to make smart investment choices. Game participants can pair up with these experts to create a formidable team and accurately predict the outcome of a preferred coin. Studying the market, such as the London-fork update to Ethereum Network, can help participants make educated predictions and improve their chances of winning. 

CoinFantasy offers an easy-to-understand and interactive platform where anyone can become an organizer, participant, or sponsor. The platform provides unique benefits for all the entities involved. Becoming a game organizer, participant or sponsor will help users in the following ways. More information on how to be involved can be found here

  • As the name suggests, Game organizers organize the prize pool and must lock up 10% of the total value of the pool. However, locking 10% will earn triple-rewards, making up handsomely for their initial investment. In addition to a 20% game fee on successful game pools, they receive staking rewards for locking up tokens and access to credit using locked-up funds as collateral. 
  • On the other hand, game participants can join any pool by paying the entry fees collected in the pool and distributing them to the winners. The game pool stays live for 4 hours, in which the user must use their skill to predict the outcome of their preferred coin. After the pool ends, the winner is announced immediately, and the winnings are transferred to the winner’s account. 
  • Game Sponsors, however, play an indirect role in the games. They can purchase rare NFTs minted by organizers and participants according to the conditions of sellers. Post NFT purchase, sponsors become privy to a percentage of the prize won by the seller in the games, acting as a royalty-based system where game sponsors give the NFT seller sponsorship based on their skills. 

CoinFantasy has developed a mutually rewarding platform for all the entities involved in a game to introduce new users to crypto financial markets in an interactive way.  Join CoinFantasy and start gaming today to win exciting rewards! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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