How $BABYCAKE Is Revolutionising Crypto Customer Loyalty Programs in the DeFi Space

How $BABYCAKE Is Revolutionising Crypto Customer Loyalty Programs in the DeFi Space

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for short, is on the verge of disrupting the traditional banking system. Millions are looking to DeFi as the future of finance. According to crypto analysis firm DeFi Pulse, the total $ value locked in DeFi contracts has risen to over $80 billion in August from $10 billion in September last year. 

Entering this exciting space is an innovative new DeFi project about to take the world by storm - BabyCake.   

What is BabyCake?

Launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in July 2021, BabyCake is the first $CAKE reflection token brought to market.

The founders of BabyCake, Monk and Halo, created the token with the goal of bringing passive income into people’s lives. The next step is to ‘Bring DeFi to the Masses’, enabling even those without knowledge of the DeFi space to enjoy the benefits of it.

$BABYCAKE: A Crypto Customer Loyalty Revolution

Here is what makes BabyCake different:

Instead of getting reflections in the native token, as is so common, holders of 200,000 or more BabyCake tokens receive $CAKE tokens as rewards.

  • 7% Redistribution in CAKE:

7% of every buy and sale is redistributed to all token holders, making holding the tokens more profitable. 

  • Rewards Simplified:

 BabyCake is the first platform where there is no need for holders to claim their rewards as the $CAKE is delivered automatically to their wallets. 

  • Automatic Liquidity:

3% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. 

  • Breaking Whale Manipulation:

An extra 1% fee is applied to all sales to discourage swing trading and to lessen Whale manipulation. 

  • Secured by Design

The initial liquidity provided is locked with DXLock for more than 1 year. BabyCake is also fully audited and certified by Certik and Techrate.

Massive Marketing Plan

In addition to the above, the growth of the BabyCake system is powered by 5% of every transaction being allocated to Marketing. This helps BabyCake fuel their ambitious projects, adding utility to the coin and in turn, further rewarding holders.  

What’s Next?

BabyCakeSwap will be launched in September. This will be in addition to a complete rebrand which includes a new website and a new Dashboard. 

BabyCake’s game-changing 3-click App will be demonstrated at the Dubai Crypto Conference in October. BabyCake are Platinum Sponsors of this prestigious event and Monk (CEO and cofounder of BabyCake), will be a guest speaker there.   This App will allow anyone with a phone to start earning a passive income with 3 clicks - without needing to know anything about the whole DeFi ecosystem.

BabyCake is also a Platinum Sponsor at the DeFi Conference taking place in Dubai just prior to the Crypto Expo.  Monk will be a guest speaker at this huge event also. 

On their way to fulfilling their vision of ‘Bringing DeFi to the masses’, the future is looking bright for BabyCake. 

Find Out More:

Ready to learn more about the first CAKE reflection token? Ready to earn some $CAKE? It’s all about the community at BabyCake, so check us out here:

Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Website | Whitepaper 

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