Evolving Retro Gaming with HIFI+

Evolving Retro Gaming with HIFI+

Current gaming trends in DeFi have generated a significant deal of progress and innovation, and could become the most important in Blockchain’s next innovation cycle.  Gaming Finance, better known as GameFi, spawned out of DeFi’s rampant boom and the segment continues to branch out. 

Games-related projects are bringing very appealing interfaces, solid development, and incentives tied to the platform ecosystem by integrating NFTs and tokens.

Connecting games, the DeFi world, and their users is a significant barrier many projects must overcome to achieve optimal development and performance.


Similarly, HiFi Gaming Society’s original use case pioneers in this fast growing GameFi sector- evolving the retro genre of blockchain gaming and introducing (user) experiences, a feature desperately void within the blockchain space. 

HIFI employs a simple retro-themed gaming system with royal prizes to encourage community members to participate daily. Fifty  games have been integrated for release in the first few months and will be gradually published, making them available for play, reward, and boost.

Games vary from genre to genre, and instructions for controlling the game, desktop or mobile, and understanding the mechanics of each game are provided.  Plenty of them are old games; the controls are basic, mainly using a keyboard/joystick on the PC/MAC.

Exclusive opportunities and experiences, staking for HIFI status, distribution of staking rewards, and participation and governance rights are all an integral part of the benefits of the HiFi token (the native currency of the ecosystem).


HIFI is defining roles for its core users by integrating various NFT collections creating the journey and experience of a lifetime.  The role playing NFTs give identity to Gamers, Developers, Artists, Creators, Collectors, and Whales - the core members of HiFi’s ecosystem.  HiFi members, known as “HiFivers” are challenged to find a way “Into the HiFi Verse'' through various user-based experiences driving adoption through spending opportunities. 

To begin your journey, grab some HIFI and onboard into the decentralized gaming ecosystem to earn money through game participation and gameplay performance. HiFi’s hybrid gaming and DeFi system will offer you a way to mine assets in your wallet through gameplay.  Your deeper level engagement will trigger bigger rewards for playing games, grant access to new experiences, and buying NFTs will lead to increased benefits. 


HIFI is launching its first  non-fungible tokens (NFTs) “Into the HiFi Verse” and it will be placed at one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in blockchain, offering additional utility like reflections, representing different games, and providing users with exclusive bonuses for future gaming sessions. Unique benefits and rewards will be available through the NFTs, and a dedicated NFT game could be part of the plans.

HIFI TV Launch Celebration

On November 7th, 2021, HIFI will pilot a new property and video hubspot to celebrate the joy of gaming, passion for NFTs, and the culture of crypto.  We call it HIFI TV!  We’re planning on celebrating our product launch with streaming and the removal of our whitelist and beta program completion.   Join HIFI’s founder, NFT Artists, and Gamers in a creative celebration. 

Gamers will soon be able to wager HIFI tokens to activate versus mode, challenges, and competitions broadcasted through HIFI TV, HiFi’s video streaming TV program reminiscent of the MTV vibe.

HiFi Gaming Society is developing incredibly appealing gaming experiences with a fascinating retro atmosphere, which will enable us to reconnect and reinvent the gaming genre for past and future generations of gamers who want to earn and spend in an amazing experiential universe.

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