$Forint: A New Revolutionary Token

$Forint: A New Revolutionary Token

Forint is a revolutionary token committed to the transfer of values around the world. The company's primary objectives are equity, sustainability, progress, and charitable giving.

The whole Forint project is based on the idea of currency redistribution. The team at Forint Finance believes that currency or currency-like tokens are the most powerful and efficient way to distribute and redistribute wealth and values.

The Motive of the project

The motive of building the Forint Finance platform is not just to help charitable organizations, but to create a crypto world that is attainable and understandable for everyone. The purpose is to build a trustworthy platform that interacts with everyone in a transparent manner.

The development team of Forint is optimistic about the impact it will create and about the collective impact the project can have across the globe. Their strategic growth decisions and marketing campaigns are targeted to create a positive image of the platform.

Three different but interconnected marketplaces have been built under the Forint platform. The Merchandise, NFT, and Charity Marketplace will have an integrated system for processing payments on all three channels.

Some portion of these proceeds will go towards the charitable missions effectuated by Forint and let the community become a part of a better world.

How does it work?

Every transaction in the Forint Finance ecosystem will not only benefit holders through redistribution but will also benefit the entire community.

7% part of each transaction is dispersed among all token holders in proportional to the number of tokens they possess. At the end of each transaction, holders will receive BUSD (Binance USD). This will happen once a day- at 00:00, an airdrop will immediately redirect all of the daily BUSD reflections to their respective holders.

The Developing Wallet collects 2.90% of each transaction's total value for storage. A portion of the funds from this fund will be utilized to help fund the project's development.

The Charity Wallet receives 0.10% of each transaction, with the remainder going to the merchant. According to community norms, the fund is distributed to charitable organizations (NPOs and NGOs) weekly.

Key Features:

Forint Platform

Forint Platform is a new e-Market that will create a business environment that will enable the integration of enterprise and SME, providing an opportunity to form a significant trade and services chain. In this process, all links in the chain will be able to feel benefits from increasing their profitability.

To achieve the proposed goal, Forint uses blockchain technology as a core infrastructure for transactions between buyers and sellers. Forint creates openness in the interaction between different economic entities by using smart contracts. These contracts are executed automatically without human intervention when all conditions are met. The use of blockchain technology ensures openness and undistorted transparency of operations, which eliminates unfair competition between participants in all links of trade and service chains on the platform.

NFT Marketplace

Forint is one of the first platforms that will allow artists and creative producers to create and share their work and receive donations and rewards in return. Artists and creative producers cannot share their creations online because of the liability it could bring regarding the damages.

The primary function of the platform is to provide a venue for artists and creative producers to connect with donors, who will pay for the creation once it has been sold on NFT's marketplace.

The secondary function is to generate funds for charities.

Forint Decentralized Exchange

Forint has built a decentralized exchange intermediary interface, Dexy, that will be integrated into the Forint Platform, making it possible to purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies directly using FIAT. 

ATM Chain

Even though the Forint coin will soon be available for trading on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, the team plans to establish a decentralized network of ATMs. This will provide everyone with the ability to purchase Forint tokens, and other Cryptocurrencies, directly from traditional FIAT currency simply and efficiently.

Forint Migration

Forint’s system will eventually migrate to the Polygon blockchain with its whole ecosystem and all related transactions. This will lead to a significant reduction in transaction costs and speed up the process in general.

The migration would further reduce the total supply of $Forint Token to 10,000,000. As a result, all parameters will be represented as a percentage of the total share. The move would cancel out all the transaction taxes and remove any restrictions on sales, which will prepare for some of the coin supply to be listed on Centralised Exchanges (CEX).

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