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Who Are We?

After being established in 2017, CryptoDaily is one of the fastest growing blockchain and cryptocurrency news sites out there. Not to mention that it is one of the few free to publish media networks throughout the crypto space.

Our team is dedicated, to say the least, and our mission is to cover and inspire the crypto and blockchain economy across the world. We have numerous offices across the world including Singapore, Amsterdam, Dubai and the UK.

We like to cover a variety of crypto news. This includes blockchain stories, coin updates, technical analysis’, exchanges, the latest news on some of the hottest wallets and so much more. With recognition on Google News, TradingView and a lot of others as well as our dedicated Wechat Channel, we are slowly becoming the leader in our space.

Where We Are Heading…

With CryptoDaily, you can be sure to read up on honest and reliable news created by our creative team of writers that believe that now is the time for blockchain to shine.

In fact, CryptoDaily is becoming one of the driving forces behind mass adoption for the industry!

The team at CryptoDaily is always hard at work behind the scenes to make sure that the news you read is top notch. Aside from live streaming real-time prices and currency comparisons, our audience has access to latest data industry news. Even though we have a great team of writers we do encourage submission from a range of guest writers, some of whom have prolific careers within the crypto and blockchain space.

Over our short time as an influential crypto news site, more than 85 authors have contributed to our website. With an expanding roster of market analysts, regular featured writers, guest interviewers and more, we are preparing to be one of the biggest crypto and blockchain news sources out there.

We believe in the power of telling engaging stories to our audience. In fact, we consider these stories to be the building blocks for any blockchain initiative, crypto-brand or blockchain community to be a success.

We have a driven team that, next to great article writing, is also focused on Story Building (and PR) support for the blockchain and crypto economy.

CryptoDaily’s story-team is comprised of professionals with very diverse backgrounds and therefore can interpret inputs from different stakeholders and line them up with specific business goals.

This way, we make sure the stories we tell are geared towards the right audience. Quickly followed of course by distribution through our rapidly growing network.



CryptoDaily’s Manifesto not only supports our vision but was created to shape our company culture.

Our core values, as mentioned in this manifesto, are the essence of our identity. our principles, our beliefs and our philosophy are all laid out in this manifesto. We want the “CryptoDaily Manifesto” to live and breathe through our people, contributors, creators and the blockchain community as a whole that we both love and support.

  • CryptoDaily is one of the world's only top tier and free-to publish crypto news sites and media networks. It will Always be free to contribute, consume and redistribute content on our platform.
  • We Believe in Building and supporting a global community with digital resources that are empowered by Blockchain.
  • We Cover digital Transformation and the blockchain economy all across the globe; Creative distribution of Content is what we are made to do.
  • Being a Dependable and reliable news source is crucial for us to remain relevant in the crypto space.
  • We strive to Empower & Enable the mass adoption of blockchain by Embodying our core values at all times.
  • We continuously Focus on our users and audience because we’re confident that the rest of the community will Follow.
  • Global thinking with an emphasis and a keen eye for localization is what we believe will make us Grow.
  • Honesty, Honor and recognition of key achievements in our company, our community and the blockchain space as a whole is part of our modus operandi at CryptoDaily.
  • Being curious and having the ability to Inspire as well as being Inspired is all part of our daily quest and is what drives us for continuous conversation.